About NOSM Education Research Communities

Learner Policies and Procedures


Employer’s Report of Injury/Disease (WSIB Form 7)

Learner Accident Incident Report (NOSM HR Form 04.001)

Report on Needlestick Injury or Body Fluid Splash (WSIB Form 2819A; in addition to WSIB Form 7)

Medical Learner Exposure to Contaminated Body Fluids

Accessibility/Accommodation for Students 

Laurentian University

Lakehead University

Accommodation for Students with Disabilities – Essential Skills and Abilities required for the Study of Medicine – Council of Ontario Faculties of Medicine (COFM)


UME Academic Appeals Policy

UME Policy Regarding Academic Appeals

Academic Appeals Overview Chart

Academic Council Appeals Committee Terms of Reference

Request for Academic Appeal Form

Joint Senate Committee Process for Appeal Review

Assessment and Promotion

Student Assessment and Promotion Regulations

2016-2017 Promotion and Remediation Plan

Remediation Plan Template

Student Responsibilities during Summative Assessments

Invigilator Responsibilities during Summative Assessments

Phase 1 One45 Assessment form Checklist

Post Exam Student Review of Phase 1 MCQ Exams

Professionalism in Phase 1

Attendance/Leave of Absence/Withdrawal from the Program

Maximum Time for Completion of the NOSM MD Program

Phase 1 Interruptions to Student Attendance and Leaves of Absence: Policy and Procedure

Phase 2 Interruptions to Student Attendance and Leaves of Absence Protocol

Phase 3 Interruptions to Student Attendance and Leaves of Absence Protocol

Request for Approval of Absence from the MD Program Form

Pregnancy and New Parenthood during the UME Program at NOSM

Code of Student Conduct

Lakehead University Code of Student Behaviour and Disciplinary Procedures

Laurentian University Code of Student Conduct (non-academic)

NOSM Code of Student Conduct

Duty Hours/On Call

Phase 2 Duty Hours and On-Call Policy

Phase 3 Duty Hours and On-Call Policy

Electives and Special Educational Experiences (SEEs)

Electives Program Information and Guidelines

Acknowledgment of Risks and Responsibility, Liability Waiver, and Indemnity Agreement for International SEEs and Electives

Elective Approval Form

Assessment of Student during Elective Form

Special Educational Experience (SEE) Assessment of Student Form


Financial Aid

Documents will be added when available. 


Learner Travel and General Expenses Protocol 

NOSM Learner Housing Protocol 


Council of Ontario Faculties of Medicine (COFM) Immunization Policy

NOSM Learner Immunization Form

Council of Ontario Faculties of Medicine (COFM) Blood Borne Pathogen Policy

Site Selection and Site Appeals

Site/Stream Selection Student Process and Information

Phase 3 Voluntary Site Reassignment Protocol



Travel Management and General Expenses Protocol 

Phase 2 Comprehensive Community Clerkship (CCC) Travel Costs


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