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Dean Carson, Ph.D.

Current Position

Professor, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Human Sciences Division

Professor, Northern Institute, Charles Darwin University, Australia

Foundation Visiting Professor, Arctic Research Centre at Umeå University (Arcum), Sweden

Education and Training

Ph.D.; Southern Cross University (Lismore, Australia)
Evaluation of Online Tourism Policy in Australia

MSc; The University of Queensland (Brisbane, Australia)
Development of a National Tourism Information Model

MA; Central Queensland University (Rockhampton, Australia)
Development and testing of a methodology to assess the social impacts of tourism in small communities

BA(Hons); Central Queensland University (Rockhampton, Australia)
Sociology, Psychology, History, Communications.

Research Investigations

My current interests include:

  • Evaluating the success of workforce recruitment and retention initiatives in rural areas.
  • Agent based modelling of demographic change in small rural communities.
  • Life course migration of rural general practitioners.
  • Sustainable models of primary care services in sparsely populated and dynamic rural areas.

Professor Carson may have positions available for graduate students, depending on funding. 

Selected Publications

  • Carson, D. B., A. Schoo and P. Berggren (2015). "The 'Rural Pipeline' and Retention of Rural Health Professionals: a comparison between six northern European countries " Health Policy119(12): 1550-1556.
  • Carson, D. B. and A. Wellstead (2015). "Government with a Cast of Dozens: Policy Capacity Risks and Policy Work in the Northern Territory." Australian Journal of Public Administration74(2): 162-175.
  • Carson, D. B. and D. A. Carson (2014). "Local Economies of Mobility in Sparsely Populated Areas: cases from Australia's Spine." Journal of Rural Studies36: 340-349.
  • Voit, K. and D. B. Carson (2014). "Post-retirement intentions of nurses and midwives living and working in the Northern Territory of Australia." Rural & Remote Health14: 2399.
  • Carson, D. and A. Koch (2013). "Divining the local: specific challenges for place based planning in sparsely populated areas." Local Economy28(3): 302-317.
  • Heidelbeer, D. and D. B. Carson (2013). "Experiences of non-resident nurses in Australia's remote Northern Territory." Rural & Remote Health13(3): 2464.
  • Carson, D. and R. Koster (2012). "Addressing the problem of Indigenous disadvantage in remote areas of developed nations: a plea for more comparative research." Journal of Rural and Community Development7(1): 110-125.
  • Kainz, T., D. A. Carson and D. B. Carson (2012). "Temporary Indigenous mobility in remote South Australia: Understanding the challenges for urban based health and social service delivery." Journal of Rural and Community Development7(1): 16-36.
  • Full publication list available here.



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