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Carrie Bourassa, PhD

Northern Ontario School of Medicine
Laurentian University 
935 Ramsey Lake Road
Sudbury, ON
Canada   P3E 2C6               

Current Position

Professor, Northern Ontario School of Medicine, Medical Sciences Division

Faculty member: Division of Human Sciences

Chair of Northern & Indigenous Health, Health Sciences North Research Institute

Scientific Director, Institute of Aboriginal Peoples’ Health, CIHR

Education and Training

Doctorate of Philosophy, University of Regina, 2008, Department of Sociology and Social Studies, Social Studies. Supervisors: Dr. Bob Stirling, Dr. John Conway.  

Masters of Arts, University of Regina, 1999, Department of Political Science, Political Science. Supervisors: Dr. Barry Barlow.

Bachelor of Arts (Honours), University of Regina, 1995, Department of Political Science, Political Science. Thesis supervisor: Dr. Barry Barlow.

Research Investigations

My current interests include:

  • the impacts of colonization on the health of Indigenous people;
  • creating culturally safe care in health service delivery;
  • Indigenous community-based health research methodologies;
  • end of life care with Indigenous people;
  • dementia among Indigenous people;
  • HIV and AIDS among Indigenous women; and, 
  • Indigenous ethics and Indigenous women’s health.

Dr. Bourassa may have positions available for undergraduate or graduate students, depending on funding. 

Selected Publications

  • Bourassa, Carrie. (2011). Métis Health:  The ‘Invisible Problem.’ JCharlton Publishing Ltd., Ontario, Kanata.
  • Kubik, W. & Bourassa, C. (2016)  Stolen Sisters: The Politics, Policies, and Travesty of Missing and Murdered Women in Canada. M. Lavell-Harvard & Brant, J. (Eds.) In: Forever Loved: Exposing the Hidden Crisis of Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls in Canada. Demeter Press: Bradford, Canada.
  • Miller, A. M., O’Reilly, K., Bourassa, C, Kaye, R. (2016)  The Sweat Lodge and Ivory Tower: Indigenous community-based research at First Nations University of Canada. In: B. Hall (ed.) Building the Next Generation of Community-based Researchers. UNESCO. The book is freely available here.
  • Bourassa, C. (with contributions from Bendig, M., Ozog, C. & Oleson, E.) (2017). Health as a Feminist Issue, Feminist Issues: Race, Class, and Sexuality, 6th Edition, eds. Nancy Mandell and Jennifer Johnson, Toronto: Pearson Education Canada.
  • McKenna, B., Hampton, M., Bourassa, C., McKay-McNabb, K., Baydala, A. (2008).  Voices from the Moon Lodge, in Mothering Canada, Toronto: York University, 231-239.
  • Bourassa, C., Blind, M., Dietrich, D. & Oleson, E. (2015). Understanding the intergenerational effects of colonization: Aboriginal women with neurological conditions–their reality and resilience. International Journal of Indigenous Health, Vol. 10, Issue 2, Pages. 3-20. Online: http://journals.uvic.ca/index.php/ijih/issue/view/770
  • Gendron, F., Bourassa, C., Cyr, D.L., McKenna, B. & McKim, L. (2013). The Medicine Room:  A Teaching Tool for Elders and Educational Opportunity for Youth, First Nations Perspectives,5,1: 83-97.
  • Bourassa, C. (2012).  How I Construct a Positive Identity by Translating Tradition Into the Contemporary Context. Honouring Indigenous Women Volume 2.  Ottawa: ON, Indigenous Peoples’ Solidarity Movement Ottawa (IPSMO), 69. Available on-line here.
  • Bourassa, C. (2012). My Resistance to Negative Definitions of Being. Honouring Indigenous Women Volume 2.  Ottawa: ON, Indigenous Peoples’ Solidarity Movement Ottawa (IPSMO), 53.  Available on-line here.
  • Hampton, M., Baydala, A. Bourassa, C., McKenna, B., Saul, G., McKay-McNabb, K., Goodwill, K., Clark, V., and Christiansen, J. (2011). Happenings - Seven Years Completing the Circle: End-of-Life Care With Aboriginal Families, Canadian Journal of Nursing Research, 43(3), 119-125.
  • McKenzie, H., Bourassa, C., Kubik, W., Strathy, K. and McKenna, B. (2010). Aboriginal Grandmothers Caring for Grandchildren: Located in a Policy Gap, Indigenous Policy Journal, XXI(3),  1-18.



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