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Francophone Symposium 2007

The Francophone Reference Group of the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM) held its second, two-day symposium in Timmins in the autumn of 2007. Aptly titled “La grande seduction … des medecins du Nord de l’Ontario,” it centred on the recruitment efforts of students, residents, doctors, and Northern communities.

NOSM reaffirmed its commitment to meeting the needs of the communities of Northern Ontario, including Francophones and people for whom their first language is French. In attempting to advance Francophone participation in NOSM, this second symposium highlighted primary care models, methods to ensure the delivery of high quality medical services in French, successful recruitment efforts, and an appraisal of other Francophone communities’ successes in these areas.

A breadth of topics related to recruitment and health-care issues was presented. Distinguished stakeholders explored the role of health networks and strategies for recruiting and retaining physicians. In addition, presentations focused on the strategic importance of developing partnerships between NOSM and Northern communities to foster community engagement.

Health-care models, funding streams for Francophone students, and guidelines for quality French language health services were addressed.

The timing of this year’s Francophone Symposium took into account the need for adequate preparation in recruitment strategies. In 2009, the NOSM Charter Class will graduate and begin their residency, and NOSM’s family medicine residents will complete their training and be available to set up practice. A presentation of various recruitment tools in the autumn of 2007 allowed for time to plan and execute recruitment campaigns.



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